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Powering Multi-Cloud for Enterprise Data

Migrate, protect, develop, test, and analyze faster while reducing costs by 50% or more.

the Power of Cloud

Data-as-a-Service solutions
across all clouds from Actifio that first made it possible is putting now Middle East's customers at the center of the business by Sinatrait.


Believing that the strategic partnership can be a mutually benificial, We proudly announce the new strategic partnership between "SINATRAIT and Actifio".

This new strategic partnership is expected to bring Actifio services directly to the Middle East of over 20 million customers.

Hard work, challenge and your trust have brought us to be legally authorized to provide Actifio services to our clients in the Middle East.

Backup and Recovery Solution

Rapid incremental forever backup and scalable instant recovery for database, NAS and file workloads in VMs, physical machines, and the Cloud.

High-performance, scalable database cloning and instant recovery solution that is purpose-built for Oracle, MS SQL and ERP applications.

Accelerate application development of critical business solutions, protect and control critical data, and streamline management of your global data portfolio.

Deliver your Data-as-a-Service to

Backup and Recover cloud-resident applications

Automate Disaster Recovery for instant fail-over and fail-back

Provision hundreds of virtual database clones in minutes

Deploy Hybrid Cloud in minutes in AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google or IBM Clouds

Accelerate application delivery by 3x

Recover multi-Terabyte databases instantly anywhere; on-premises, in any cloud

Seamlessly migrate applications to public cloud

Leverage the economics and agility of public cloud

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